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My Line of Work

Brokerage Services

I buy and sell all forms of securities on behalf of my clients, securities such as Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, Bonds, Etfs and other financial products.

Investment Planning & Advisory Services

I offer various investment planning services, I provide advice about financial products. I also create and manage investment portfolios for my clients with a proven system that works.



Don't have time or enough knowledge to invest or trade? sit back and watch your capital grow with the help of a strategy manager

Allow a strategy manager choose the right investment for you or trade on your behalf with an ALGORITHM system that works, it's a system that analyzes the market and indicate when to invest or trade, the system is based on quantitative strategies which is built on statistical and mathematical representation that has been proven to yield highest of returns.

How it works

Investing and trading is a game of probability. As investors we want to have the highest probability of winning. WHEN ARE WE LIKELY TO HAVE THE HIGHEST PROBABILITY? we will have the highest probability if we invest or trade when the big institutions like the Banks, Large Commercial Companies, Hedge Funds Managers are trading or investing. The big institutions are the biggest players of the market, as investors we want to invest or trade when the big institutions are doing the same. HOW DO WE KNOW THE MOVES OF THE BIG INSTITUTIONS? that’s where the ALGORITHM SYSTEM comes in.

The ALGORITHM SYSTEM is the perfect solution for you, with the help of a strategy manager you make your profit with no action required on your part. Let’s say you make an initial investment of a $1,000, your strategy manager invest or trade and makes a profit of $500 from a complete session. The strategy manager earns 15% of this profit, while you add $425 to your investment for a total of $1,425.

A lot of research is carried on a market before the integration of this system, to ensure all data needed for a particular trade or investment are obtained.

Tests are carried out on demo accounts to validate the accuracy of the system and minimize the risks to lowest minimum before integrating on a real portfolio.

The strategies of the ALGORITHM system takes time to develop, so efficiency is at a record high.


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